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Hall of fame, for sale!

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please send your picture to us by e-mail to our online shop a fresh and funny caricature, every month 
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In our online shop you can order a caricature and choose some products as well to print the caricature on. You can also have it framed A great personal gift for everyone!!

Caricature on T-shirt     € 14,00

Cotton T-shirt, white, S, M, L, XL etc


Caricature on a mug   € 12,50

Mugm in to different siaes, the big one or the ons that can be placed on a senseo coffee machine. Your logo or name can be printed at the backside of the mug.


Caricature on a button   € 3,50

Nice as a gift, but can also be used  as a corsage or thank you gift on a wedding. It can be combined with your log or a test If you need more buttons we can give you a better offer 


2 small awnings (car)   € 17,50

Your caricature will be printed on 2 awnings. Your car will be looked at a lot and you will always be able to find your car.



Caricature mousepad   € 9,00

A caricature that will be seen every day. As a personal gift to a colleague or as a group-caricature of the family, your  team at work or sports. Ofcourse your logo or a special text can be added


Caricature on a candle  € 16,50


Caricature on apron     € 14,00

High quality apron, white, cotton. We can also put a text beneath the caricature


Caricature on printed matter

All our caricatures can be printed at invitations. Texts inside the invitation can be added  Envelopes in all kind of colours can be choosen We have different sizes of paper. If you email us and tell us what kind of format you want and the number of invitations, we will send you our offer.

Special mats                  € 10,00

Set of 4 mats to put your drinks on, 9 x 9 cm, rubber


Caricature on a puzzle € 22,50

Your caricature, your sportsteam or the children as a gift on a puzzle. Size 19 x 28 cm, 80 pieces


Caricature on a tile       € 20,00

Your caricature on a tile. Nice to put on a wall, but also possible to make a lot of tiles and use it in the bathroom or kitchen


Napkin with caricature  € 10,00

Surprise for the guests. Give htem a napkin with their own caricature on it. Success guaranteed. You also have a nice gift to thank them for visiting you!!


Flip-flops caricature  € 12,50

Want to be special on the beach?? You can!! Wearing these flip flops with your caricature on it. And at the sauna, you will always be able to find your flip flops....


On a bottle or wine box € 25,00

A nice bottle of wine, personalized with the caricature on it. You can choose white, red or rose wine.


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